A step counter, activity tracker, pedometer and workout tracker for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Iphones showing the main, history and in-progress workout screens in Steps

Monitor your fitness and track every step.

All day, wherever you go.

Steps is a pedometer and activity tracker that shows you just how much you're moving in a simple, elegant way. As you walk, the colors change to show your progress like a sunrise. Steps runs in the background and captures all your movement, with no need to turn it on and off or remember to wear an extra gadget.

Always on

Works all day, no need to start and stop.

Workout tracking

Going for a walk? Record your route and extra details on your activity.

Supports Apple Watch

Track your steps on the go with our Watch app, and see a merged total of all your activity.

Supports Apple Health to sync your workouts and more.

Colorful themes

Customize Steps and make it your own.

Calorie tracking

Calculate how much energy you've burned by walking.

Our Users Say


Simple and purposeful

With so many choices of pedometer apps available, Steps occupy that very unique position of being the simplest one yet full of the functions needed by someone embarking on a healthy endeavour of walking more.

- toberunner


Steps has become an obsession

Love this app, the accountability with the combination of a steps goal and my iWatch has been awesome. Hitting my steps goal on a daily basis has become an obsession. Love it

- Weightwatching


Wonderful app to keep track!

I love the Steps app as it's so easy to use! Knowing exactly how many step, then miles I've walked or run in a period of time. The ability to check on the week's history of how much I've exercised is awesome as well! I use it everyday!!

- Just Jace


Great App

One of the best Apps out there for a small upgrade charge and compatible with the health app. Much more user friendly and cost effective vs other apps that claim big and deliver nothing.

- houseplantsgonewild

Works with all iOS devices running iOS 13 or newer. Apple Watch app requires watchOS 6 or newer.

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