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Tunebox for iOS


The music player for your Dropbox.

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Archivist Free Live Music for iOS


The most elegant way to listen to concert recordings.

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Pika for launches Jan 18 2013

Pika for is now live in the app store! It's an iOS client for the new service. It features a minimalist custom UI that disappears until it's needed.

Check it out at the Pika home page, or download Pika on the app store.

Updates to Archivist and Tunebox Jun 13 2012

Updates to both Archivist and Tunebox just hit the App Store!

Tunebox for iPad has arrived - stream music from your Dropbox to your iPad with a custom built interface to take advantage of the iPad's screen. Fully retina-display compatible for all you owners of the new iPad, too!

Archivist sports a bunch of performance and reliability improvements. Much more responsive loading of bands with tons of shows (like the Grateful Dead), robust recovery if you lose your network connection for a bit, improvements to the player, and a bunch more.

Go get 'em in the App Store now! Archivist Tunebox

Archivist for iPad now in the App Store Mar 08 2012

Version 1.7 of Archivist has just been approved and should be available in the App Store right now!

The big new feature in this release is an iPad interface. I'm pretty excited about it -- it would have been easy to just scale everything up to iPad size, but instead I put the extra time in to make the iPad version I've always wanted, and it turned out really nicely.

Check it out in the App Store: Archivist - stream live music

Archivist v1.6 submitted Jan 14 2012

The next version of Archivist has been submitted to the app store! This release adds sharing. Here's what's coming:

  • Email a show to a friend, with links to the show at and to open directly in Archivist
  • Tweet about a show (on iOS 5)
  • View shows on

Plus there are some bug fixes, changes to make loading artist info more robust, and a Favorite button on the "now playing" screen. Look for it in the app store soon.

New Site Dec 27 2011

Welcome to the new Year of Code site!

This is the place for info about our products, updates, and support. This space will make brief announcements about updates, new releases and other news.

If you'd like to subscribe to our updates, an atom feed is available.